Very Loose Headphone JacK


Aug 14, 2010
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I have a rooted droid 1, and my headphone jack recently became very loose. I mean i will put my headphones in, and the slightest (and i mean slightest!) yank or pull and the headphones disconnect and the volume comes blarring out the speakers. My main question is i dont have a warranty, but if i take it into verizon will they even care or replace it?
They should replace it under warranty, but I suggest unrooting it first
Yes, remove the root and take it back. For some of us it's time that our d1 warranties will be running out in a months time. I debating on whether or not to send my D1 back because of camera issues. I don't have a problem with the cameral in my D2.
Wait, so they'll replace it even if i DON'T have a warranty?
If you bought it from VZW then you have a warranty, it isn't something you pay extra for
I bought it from someone off craigslist, so am i basically screwed?
Unfortunately yes, to my knowledge VZW will not honor a warranty unless you are the original purchase holder
Unfortunately yes, to my knowledge VZW will not honor a warranty unless you are the original purchase holder

Much to my surprise, that's not correct. Someone bought a Droid from somebody on Craigslist the other day and there was an issue with it. He called verizon, explained the situation and they are sending him out another phone.

By all means call Verizon and see if they won't help you.
Hook, I figured that might be the first I didn't have the "to my knowledge" in my post, then I thought of the possibility of VZW replacing it.

For the O/P you will probably have better luck on the phone as opposed to in the store, but either way Good Luck and post back with your results, we would love to know what they say about this matter
So you suggest talking on the phone (and do i just call customer support?) rather than going into the store?
Also, should i still go ahead and unroot my phone even if i talk on the phone?
To talk on the phone there is no need to unroot, but if they ask you to send it back after receiving a replacement you will need to.
I have the same issue... along with terrible sound quality from my mic, so I might finally go for a warranty replacement.

Is the replacement under warranty new or refurbed?
You will get a refurb, unless you get lucky and end up with a D2
2 pages of posts on a lose headphone jack....had to see what was up:)

The warranty is automatic and free, for one year from the date you purchased the phone. I got mine in November and it went on the fritz mid-January (had never rooted it at that point in time).

You only get a new replacement phone during the first 30 days. After that its a certified like-new replacement.

The original droid isn't available anymore so it is unlikely your phone would be replaced with a D1. Most of what I'm hearing is people getting D2 phones. I would think that if you'd rather have a different phone you might be able to negotiate that. After all, you bought *this* phone and want *this* phone replaced. However, if it is out of stock you are very sad but will settle for *that* phone... if you must ;)

I don't know if that replacement phone ends up extending your current warranty period by a year from replacement date. No idea how long it is certified like-new for.

My phone also has insurance. If the headphone jack loosens up I think I'm covered after my warranty period. If not I'd be bumming if something happened on warranty expire day +1.