HDMI not working in Axi0m

Aug 17, 2010
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I can't make it work. Is there a fix? It's how I entertain my kids at night and without it, they'll drive me up the wall.

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LOL. Cool. I have kids so i was trying to save you the headache. It's better to watch these ROMs develop from the side line. Once the major features are all working, then flash. My .02

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So, I was doing some research and found that SafeStrap, when running in Safe Mode somehow breaks HDMI and Webtop. I guess that, should I really want to test HDMI, I could drop SafeStrap or choose ICS as my daily driver w/ stock as my safe OS.
Agreed. I would prefer to avoid all that work, especially if I need to set everything back up again the way it is. I wonder, is there anyone running any of the ICS roms that doesn't have a problem displaying to HDMI?
I tried a couple apps I found but they apparently weren't ICS compatible and couldn't even install them.

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Well, I blew out SafeStrap and went to a straight ICS install with the very same results. Nuts. :-/
I am running Axiom as daily driver no SafeStrap and i still cant get HDMI to work, wehter direct or Dock.,,, BETA, so i expect some issues like this..