Happy One Year Anniversary! Anyone still rocking an release day Droid? :D

Still rocking my release day Droid here in Phoenix. I have only had 2 minor annoyances. The battery suddenly flashing red at 5%, then rebooting and still being 90% (issue seemed to go away with 2.1 or 2.2). After 2.2 I occasionally get the laggy screen redraw on the home screen and app drawer (no task killer). Still loving it. Unrooted. They can pry it from my hands if/when T2 materializes.
Still rocking my Release Day D1 in Georgia...... And plan to until it is dead

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Got my droid on launch day. Never used a screen protector and have a flawless screen. Dropped once in a holster case, no damage. Runs better than new since I rooted and installed BB, upgrading to Pete's latest along the way. I want the T2 dual core, 4" or larger screen, no physical kb, LTE, front-facing camera. Eligible as soon as that is available (January, please.)
I'm still using my D1 (one year later) and its still not getting old as long as Dev kepping on making sweet ass roms it will be hard to get rid of this phone...unless the HTC turns out to be as sweet as everyone is making it to be I'm sticking with the OG Droid until then.
Both myself and my brother are rocking release day D1s. I have no interest in trying to argue VZW into letting me upgrade anyways, since with overclocking the CPU, there's not much that newer phones can offer me, yet.
Mine isnt a release day (got it in January), but its definitely pre-keyboard change. I'll be rocking this thing until my upgrade next october.
I got mines the weekend after launch. Though, it died on me in mid march. Got my like-new certified droid a week later, rooted and no problems ever since. I love my droid!

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Got my Droid1 a few days after Thanksgiving after playing with my Brother-in-law's so I blame him.:D

Have no desire to replace it.

Picked mine up at BB at 6PM PDT one year ago today. Although I had prepaid, I remember getting the one the person in line before me was to get. He didn't want to pay for something he didn't expect to buy (I believe it was the data fee). I'm still rocking on the one I got that day. It has an extended battery (and a protective case), but it's pretty much stock. And by stock I mean still unrooted.

Since I live in a city that'll be getting it, I'm waiting for a 4G Android.
Still rocking my OG Droid, although I can't say it was a launch day Droid since payday didn't line up correctly and I had to wait until it had been out for a week. But I got mine promptly on November 13th. Absolutely no problems, still looks almost new aside from the paint on the camera button completely flaking off.

Overclocked to 1GHz, it runs most apps out there just as well as anything newer (aside from Quadrant and Neocore benchmarks) so right now i'm not really interested in anything else.
I have mine

why would I replace it when it is faster overclocked than most new phones without root
I'm similar to tp76. But different. I stayed up late on the night of 11/5/2009. Once the clock 'ticked' over, I got online and ordered. Had it delivered to my work; 11/09/2009. Co-workers said, "What does tech-boy have now?" hehe.

Rooted 12/09/2009 (or almost the same day the old alldroid.org posted it), no later than 12/13/2009 (got the screenies to prove it). Never looked back, never unrooted, never will.

You couldn't GIVE me a A955 or DX. Been following the A855 (had pics of it) since before this site was live, before 05/??/2009; at that time I had a A4500 Napoleon. Look that one up. I participated in all three pre-release threads over at HoFo.
I have a question for you guys who have been rocking the D for awhile, specifically those of you who use the physical keyboard full-time. Have your keys started to raise up after awhile, or even the whole keyboard itself? Mine used to be totally flat when I got it, like it's supposed to be, but as time has passed the buttons started to raise and now literally the whole thing raises up and it's really hard to type on.

This is a bit off-subject so if it's too far off it can be ignored.

had mine since release day and i had my original one replaced back in August due to this. All my friends with D1 have had this exact same problem. mine the keys were actually ripping and falling off. All of our keyboards started off flat and then slowly began to bubble up then rip.

My power button isnt clicking anymore and is tough to depress so i will be calling verizon and getting my SECOND replacement D1.

I know i can ***** and moan and get a DX out of them but i dont want to have to pay. Ill just get the replacement before the warranty ends, get my 1yr upgrade to the DX and then sell the D1 to somebody
Still got mine from a week after release, rooted in the middle of January(thanks math3w, enjoy your ipad, lol) and officially joined DF (my first forum) on the 2nd or 3rd of February. Learned a lot about android and linux because of it. Started off with petes bugless beauty (yup, beauty)

My eyes have been glued to this forum ever since. Remember watching droidforums EXPLODE when they dropped droid prices and everybody and their mother got one which led to millions of the same three threads: what does root mean? Where do I download Nandroid? & anything with the word Froyo in it, lol, it has been fun to say the least.

Almost sent it back once but flashed the sbf and kept trucking

Also tried a droid incredible for about 12 hours before and reactivated my droid and sold the inc. on ebay. Moto droid is a much better device IMO:p

I'll keep messing with my og droid as long as there are devs messing with theirs, and yea I'm getting whatever CK and Cakes get (if you already know what ck wants you ARE a DF junky)

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Mine broke in half on the one year anniversary! It is currently in bestbuy repair shops seein if it can be fixed or if it will be replaced. If it can be fixed, I will still be rocking a D-Day droid. If not, I'll get an upgrade lol.