Happy One Year Anniversary! Anyone still rocking an release day Droid? :D

I still have my original release droid I'm using it right now. I have never had a problem with it.

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I don't really ever use the real keyboard. Mine is as flawless is the day I picked it up. It has had a body glove case on it since day 1. I am still using the original screen protector I put on it. It has been a wonderful phone. I am holding out for the 4 g device.

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had mine since 1 week after release been dropped a few time but keeps on ticking........ was thinking of waiting for a droid pro for replacement but looks like a fake BB will stay with my D1 until it dies or something comparable comes along dancedroid
Still loving mine since 11/09.

One more year before I can get a steep discount, new in two.

Which is perfectly fine for me because I would be waiting for 4g in my area anyway, so the timing looks to be perfect for me.

Wouldn't consider a new phone without 4G.

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I made it one whole year with no insurance! :woot: I've been eligible for an upgrade since August but I'm waiting to get whatever CK gets :rofl3:

:icon_eek: CK what are we gettin? :icon_eek:

I still have my Droid 1 which I got in late November. I don't use it much, I use my D2. I also have a Blackberry Storm.I should have sold that Storm months ago.
Still my original which I purchased December 26 2009. I took a one year contract so I've been eligible for an upgrade. At this point, however, there is no reason to upgrade.

Here is my story -

A year ago today I was patiently waiting to pick up my pre ordered, highly anticipated Motorola Droid from Best Buy. They didn’t open until ten o’clock so at nine thirty I punched out from work and raced across town to get my Droid. I was the first of only two or three people there and quickly got my new phone and made it back to work in no time. The first thing I did after getting back to work was hook the 3.5mm headphone jack up to the intercom system and let DROOIID scream throughout the shop.

Even before owning the device I knew it would be the best thing to happen to me as far as a mobile phone goes. Then right before the end of the year I started to read about Root and Super User Access, life as I knew it was about to be over. I remember seeing some screenshots of AdamZ’s Smoked Glass and read and read and after days of contemplation nervously followed a “Root your Droid” walkthrough and installed Smoked Glass on Android 2.0.1 – that was it, life was over.

Many ROM’s, Themes, and Android O/S Versions later my Original Droid – the same one that I picked up from Best Buy a year ago today is still hanging tough and in my opinion still the best overall device available and ever made – :wink:

I am also holding my upgrade to get what C/K and Cakes get...we have an Official Pack
The store opened an hour early last year on droid day. My business partner and I went all geek and showed up at 7:30. First two sold were ours. We both still have them. Mine is naked in my pocket all the time. Dropped twice (within 30 seconds) on tile floor. Still looks and works great. Happy anniversary!
Got mine on day 1 and I still have it. No problems. The camera button is white and I have one small scratch on the screen. I had a screen protector for about a week and hated it and never had it in a case. Never rooted. I am waiting to see what the next big thing is gonna be a year from now. I will keep my droid til then... or maybe longer. I love this thing.
I didn't get mine till right after Christmas 09'. I still have mine but yesterday the power button started acting funny. Doesn't push like it should. Have to push it HARD to get it to work. Like its not springing back out. Got mine at BEST BUY. Anyone know if I should take it back there or just go straight to a VZW store for replacement? Makes me kinda sad to replace her. She's been good to me.
Got my droid on launch day. Still have it. Original Zagg screen protector, original Seido Innocase on it. Not rooted.
Runs great; When I remember to "maintain" it like a computer by rebooting and clearing cache, I never have a problem.

Not eligible for an upgrade until August 2011. I haven't the faintest what I will do then.
Count me in, I still have my original november 6th moto droid and it's in like new condition :).

I'll be waiting on a dual core 2ghz rootable device running cyanogenmod.
My one year anniversary will be tomorrow. 11/7/11. :)
It was my early birthday present to to my self, by two months to the day. Just like tp76 I knew that this phone would change my life. About two months after getting the phone I started hearing about root, so I started reading. I had been busy for months with work and school. But still I kept reading. July 1 was my root day. About two months of religious reading I came across ChevyNo1's Simply Stunning rom v4.2 it was then that I knew I was going to finally root my phone. I was in Arkansas visiting my grand parrents out in the sticks, low and behold they had 3g coverage there this year :D. So I had ben watching root videos for the last two weeks. I had rsd lite ready to go as well as sprecovery. I started up the video I was going to use as my guide, nervous as all get out I continued knowing that with one wrong move in rsd lite and my phone was a glorified brick. Well all went good and in the end I used sprecovery to flash SS 4.2 on to my phone. Woot it worked, boy was I happy. FINALLY I had a phone that I could fully customize, something I had been dreaming of years.

I just used my upgrade which I had for more than a year ???, Not sure how because vzw told me that I did not have an upgrade at the time when I got my droid, to get the droid x. It was four days before my one year anniversary with my droid. I plan on rooting and using bootstrap to get CW running, eventually in stalling SS X by Chevy seeing as I and a few of his loyal fan base raised money to get him an X to develop on. It's.been a great ride and will continue for a long time. By the way my droid still serves as a fantastic wifi device. Its not going anywhere soon. :)

At this time I would like to thank the admins, supermods, mods, rescue squad, news team, and everyone in the forums for contributing to an awsome online expierence. I am so glad to be a part of this community. Keep up the great work that makes us the best.

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