Happy (early) birthday to me

Jim 777

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Dec 26, 2009
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Excuse the little things that don't make sense, but I copied from my post on another forum ;)

SO this is how it all went down.

You may remember a certain track day I did in November last year when I "let it go" on my second lap, resulting in a catistrophic bearkage of the foot peg mount. Well the bike came home and quickly found it's home sandwhiched rather tightly between the vette and the wall, with my 1K behind it. There it sat until I got up the motivation to work on the troublesome carbs before the nect track day.

Fast forward to this year, and a certain member of the forum watched our house and pets while we were in SoCal at Disneyland for the week. The week I was back, I went to pull out my bike for some reason and I noticed that it was not the way I ALWAYS leave it. So I text him asking how many miles he put on it. To my surprise, he said he didn't do any riding while I was gone. At this point I have no reason to distrust him....yet.

Later I contact Terry about borrowing his mercury sticks to address the carb issue and he tells me they're on loan and he'll "try" to get them back before I come over for them.

Shortly after Robert (Muddy Udders) posted about needing a incubator and I had to move the car out to get behind the 750. While I was sitting in the garage I couldn't help but notice that there was a worn out DOT tire on the rear. Now I know that I wouldn't have given it away, and I know that there may have been a few "happy" Fridays but I can't believe I would have given the tire away. That was driving me nutz and resulted in this thread.

Once that was posted, he came over and confessed that he did in fact take the tires. Before getting miffed, I trusted there was a reason and either I'd get the tires back or replaced.

Well, last night I picked up the tires and to make up for the sneaky-underhandedness, there was a track bike attached to them! An early birthday gift. Can't say that sucks!

Thanks buddy. Now I have to learn to ride a small block, not saying that it sucks or anything!







He was looking for a 750 motor to drop in to the 600 (this bike). This motor is an AMA motor from 04-05 and is race gas only and he wanted a bit more. He found an entire '04 750 for what he was going to pay for the motor. so he went through the 600 ENTIRELY and had the new plastics and paint done and presented it to me.


May 2, 2010
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Nice bike, the paintjob is a little much for me but its nicely done. I use to want a bike, now I think I'll just stick to cars, I'm to scared of being hit on a bike, and with the stupid **** I do in cars, I cant imagine being on a bike.