New Comer hating my iphone

Evil Nick

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May 17, 2010
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I joined this forum after messing with some friends HTC's and Motorolla droids.

I unfortunately have ATT and their anchor phone the iphone seems to have SUCH a stranglehold on the company that there are NO other phones coming out for them.

I recently walked in and had a *****ing fest with them that their phones suck and they have no good phones. The rep said "but WE have the iphone"

I replied with "the iphone is gay I own one and will never get another" then proceeded to give a dozen reason to why.

then i said when are you getting the Xperia or Desire? He said they're not but "the new iphone is coming out you may like that"

I looked at him cross eyed and said "what part of the iphone is gay and i will never give apple another one of my hard earned dollars didnt you understand?"

He was shocked as his iphones text bell went off in his pocket while the other rep behind him laughed and silently agreed nodding when i said the iphone sucked.

I am DYING for a droid phone and ATT wont let me out of my contract so i figured i would be a complete anus to them at every turn until i can get to verizon and nab a nicer phone.

so consider this my (hopefully) first of many additions to everyone and i wanted to virtually shake all your hands, say I envy every one of you who can own a droid phone and be free of steve jobs iron fist, and hope at least one other person makes this their phones, desktop's, ANYTHINGS wall paper. I sent it to all my freinds and its actually the wallpaper on my POS 3G.

Hello everyone.... im not really as angry a person as i sound lol
lmao welcome to android.... pay the termination fee and be free from att... I paid three of them and happy I did.
Im WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too cheap, and it kills me cause EVERYONE i know uses ATT.

Why wont they just get the desire.

I was thinking of writing "My Droid has HUGE C**K" above the pic too but i figure I can let people write what they want.
Hello Evil Nick and :welcome: to the Droid Forums. We love iPhone people, we have them drop by daily - and they stay. :) Glad to have you here.