Droid X no boot and Verizon Support experience


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Jul 22, 2010
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Short Version, stuff you might want to know:
  • Verizon doesn't officially do a loaner if you are waiting for a replacement phone.
  • If your Droid X dies, no matter what warranty/insurance you have - you're waiting until the 19th until you get a new one, in the northeast anyway. Closest one he found was in Florida.
  • The Factory Reset doesn't run the same every time
  • Complain enough and you might get that loaner program to work for you

The narrative:
Monday: The wife's Droid X stopped working - 3rd hand info = Her friend was playing with it and handed it back and it had the Motorola M on the screen.

It would cycle on that Motorola M screen until the battery died.

She called customer support - I think they had her do a factory reset which didn't work. They decided to get her a new one - but she wasn't an "Authorized Manager" or something on our account so they had to call me to approve this. I didn't hear the phone ring, but she's pretty sure they said they would send a new one anyway.

Tuesday; I called to make sure the new phone was really on the way - I was told it wasn't. (Solid documentation starts here, with rep names and direct quote kinda stuff) We went through the factory reset again and it just sat there. If I tapped the screen I'd get a few more dots (periods) to show up - and this is weired, sometimes it would be 2 every time I tapped, sometimes it would be a few dozen. We did this exercise for about 15min and decided that yes (once again) we would need a new phone.

I had to put a $300 deposit down, that would be refunded when the old phone was returned, and I was assured we were getting a new Droid X via over night Fed Ex.

Wednesday: 4pm rolls around and no fed ex guy so I call Verizon to get some tracking info. They tell me FedEx has no record of a shipment - and after some "deeper digging" they realize I was ordered a "New Phone" (vs. replacement phone?) and it was on back order. Delivery expected on the 19th.

That obviously won't do - I just dropped $600+ to get these new phones, made my self available to go to the store the day they became available, and we were very much on the fence between iPhone 4 (we both had iPhone's at the time) and going with the droids... I made this very clear to the Verizon rep.

We once again looked for stores that had them - and found none.

He called tech support to see if they had a stash of Droid X's that I could get one of - no dice.

Here's where the real frustration starts: I was given two options -
  1. Wait until the 19th with no cell phone at all
  2. Utilize the 30 day worry free warranty and get a DIFFERENT phone today, and no droid X for the wife for a couple years

So I was like, "No, that's not going to work... get me a loaner and we'll get the Droid X on the 19th."

Rep said that was NOT an option. I said he needed to make it an option. He got a "walker" i.e. "asst. manager" that told him it looked like there WAS some inventory in the North East - so he said he'd call me back after finding out where a droid X was and what they could do to get it to me.

Got the call back - and the closest Droid X was in Florida - and that wasn't going to work.

I was put on hold again (A thought here - put something GOOD on the line when you're on hold, like MLB baseball game options to listen to, or let you pick your own music somehow)

While on hold, I was playing with the boot options on the bad droid X - and did the factory reset again (maybe the 3rd time?) and this time it worked.

When the rep came back he informed me that we could go to our local Verizon store and get a loaner until the 19th, and when the new Droid X came we could return that loaner. I tried to tell him that it looked like the dead one was alive again - but it sounded like he'd given me my bone and wanted to move on.

I had some problems activating the bad droid X - tried twice with the activation, then called Verizon support once again and she had me do the same thing I'd done and it worked this time. I asked her specifically what she had done and she said, "Nothing, I had you do it all." She said something about "sometimes it doesn't take" - but I'll just let that one ride.

Anyhow, that's the story to date. The wife now has to learn about backup-assist and google synch stuff becuase it doesn't look like it was working just right for her... but maybe loosing all that within a week or so is a good thing?

The other Droid X we got (mine) is still rocking solid - and I'm developing some software for it while I'm on hold with Verizon.