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Jan 3, 2011
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I am currently running a droid x stock. when the froyo update came out and sms messages didnt appear in the right order i switched to handcent and had no issues. recently, while sending messages from handcent, they will sometimes fail. Naturally i hit resend and the message would go through. heres where it gets interesting. sometimes, when i forget to hit resend or dont do it right away, i will get a response to the message that failed (my friend will answer the message that was reported to have failed). this means that when i hit resend the message double sends (which i have confirmed with friends). Other times the message will actually fail and the recipient will never actually get the message.

I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is a setting or something that I have messed up. I have no intention of getting rid of handcent any time soon so hopefully that wont be what people suggest to me.

thanks in advance for your input

PS, if any of that confused you please comment back about which part you need clarification on
I've have very few fail using handcent....but have paid little attention to it.
Yup. Same issue. My guess is that the messages are sent to Handcent server, then to the person. If the "sent" signal doesn't get back thru the system, Handcent reports "failed".
I notice the most failures are when someone replies at the same time.

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Handcent server? SMS is sent via your carrier's network. No Handcent server involved.
No server? How do they know what to "back up" at handcent.com?

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I have a D2 running Froyo and Handcent, and encounter the same problem. It seems to happen most to me when my signal is spotty, making me want to agree with Ronic's idea that it may be an issue communicating with the handcent servers.
I don't think handcent sends anything to it's server cause it works when there is no data connection

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