Handcent Next Disabled By Google


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Sep 5, 2010
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If you use Handcent text app and woke up this morning to it being gone from your device , Google has decided it is a fake app (even though many of us have been using it for years with no issues ) and has disabled it on your device and removed it from the Play Store .
The developers of Handcent have stated this is an error on the part of Google and both sides are trying to clear up the matter .
If you trust the developer over Google go to Play Store , settings , Play Protect and you'll see a warning and the choice to uninstall or enable it .

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Hopefully it's sorted out soon ...

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I just enabled mine back . It's been around since Gingerbread or Froyo .

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I just got an update to Handcent and it is now deemed safe by Google Play Protect .

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