Had the Droid X for 5 days now, still a few questions I need answers to...


Dec 24, 2010
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Hi all,
I've had the Droid X now for 5 days. Love it! I switched from the Blackberry Storm2. I had been a Blackberry user for ~3 years (started with the Curve, then the Storm2), and that's the only smart phone service I've been used to. I think the transition is going pretty well!

There are a few things that I need to iron out and I'm hoping you can help me with them...

1. Pattern unlock - I turned this on and chose a pattern and I like it, but I don't always need it. So I thought I turned it off, but my phone is still requiring me to do it after the time interval that's set (20 mins). I turned the phone totally off and turned it back on (is that the same as rebooting?) but that didn't fix it. It's still requiring me to input a pattern to unlock. I've gone into Settings --> Location & security --> uncheck "Use visible pattern" -- I assumed this means that I don't have to input a pattern, but alas...

2. The phone came with an Email application (separate from Gmail) which I set up for my main Yahoo email account. Just yesterday I downloaded the Yahoo email application and am using that for my main email address, but now I can't unassociate the native email app from my main Yahoo. I'd like to unassociate it and hook up a different email to it. I've gone into the app and pressed the menu button and chose Email Settings, but it won't let me change. Does anyone know how I can change the email address for this app?

3. Notifications! Boy, was I ever spoiled by the Blackberry for notifications. I have to say this is the most painful transition. If you're familiar with Blackberry then you know that all one has to do is select the notification icon and then you could choose from a variety of profiles like Normal, Phone Only, Vibrate, Silent, etc. From there you could edit each of those profiles to be very specific. Ex: I could choose to edit the Vibrate profile and have SMS messages vibrate twice, my email vibrate once, etc. I could also define my own profiles. I don't see how I can easily do that with Android.

Additionally, I'm going through major withdrawal from a Blackberry-specific app called BerryBuzz (BeBuzz?). That let you customize the blinking LED color the n-th degree. Wow. I mean, I was able to customize per contact, or per app (ex: I had my main Yahoo email blink purple, my secondary email blink white, my SMS/MMS blink green, etc). It was great. I've downloaded Blink on the Droid, but so far I'm incredibly unimpressed and underwhelmed at what it can do.

So -- any pointers for how I can manage sounds/vibrate/silent better? I'm having problems -- ex: I'm using Handcent (really cool app!) and I've set it such that one of my contacts gets a special color notification icon (great) and Handcent lets me choose an LED color, but I guess that rule has been overwritten by the Blink rule. Well, that doesn't do me any good.

I'd like to be able to easily switch to either all vibrate, or all silent, or all noise, and then after that have personalized notifications. Any way to do this? Any apps I should check out?

4. Themes. This is more of a general question rather than a technical question, but while I'm here....
What can you tell me about themes? I have a wallpaper on my phone that I really like and I don't want to replace it. Would a theme just do things like change the appearance of icons and maybe make things be laid out a little differently (where the clock is, weather widget, etc)? Or would a theme change the background (wallpaper) too? Any suggestions?

That might be it for now. ;-)