Gtasks problem. Won't download or cancel download.


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Jan 19, 2010
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I had Gtasks on my Droid and it had been working just fine. When it last had an update available, I proceeded to download it.

The problem is, it has been stuck in "Starting Download" with nothing happening for maybe a week now. Anytime I Cancel download it force closes (the program still worked just fine)..

I was able to uninstall the program, reboot my phone, go back to the market place and to the Gtasks download page. It shows Gtasks as not installed, however, it is still showing "Starting download" with nothing happening. If I click on Cancel download, it still just force closes.

Please help.

I found another thread about the stalled "Starting Download" issue where you go to settings/applications/manage applications/market and then clear the cache.

Now all is well is droid land.
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