GSM Data wont work


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Oct 21, 2012
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Hi all,

First of all sorry for my bad english,

Last month my nephew gave me Motorola Droid Maxx xt912 Verizon, this device is brand new one.
I injected CDMA from local provider and it works flawlesly, but the problem come when I want to use the GSM (for your information I live in Indonesia).

When I want to use the GSM with inserting local provider micro simcard I can make phone call and SMS but I cant use the data, I'm sure I already set the APN correctly. I tried with 3 other local providers and still cant connect the data. Right now the phone running stock ICS Rom 4.0.4.

Really appreciate It if someone can give me a clue to solve this problem.

Thanks and regards

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Hi Tismydroid

Thanks for your information, I've tried some of suggestion on that thread but none worked. I think there is some advanced setting or maybe hardware failure. Since there is no motorola cdma service center in here nothing I can do if its hw failure.

I'm going to re flash the stock rom, hope this solve the problem.
Is there any suggestion which method to reflash the stock rom?..

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