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Jun 21, 2014
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New England
Hi all,

I'm a retired EE and recently (last week) bought my first smartphone, a Verizon branded Droid X that I registered anonymously on page plus cellular. I love Linux and look forward to the day when computer users don't even recognize the word 'windows'. My eyes aren't as good as they once were, so a larger screen was a significant factor regarding my choice of the Droid X.

I am here because I found a website offering technical assistance rooting my phone, which I think it needs because Verizon Aps won't run and they are clogging up my phones homescreen(s).

I had no idea the old Droid X was as popular as it seems to be. I have a limited budget, don't need most of the bells and whistes that the phone offers, so I registered the new phone on page plus cellular. I like open source software and an open source operating system-which is why I bought the Droid X with Android OS.

I look forward to learning about the phone through the forum's posts-the journey begins.............

Welcome aboard Art...congrats on the DX ;) can also remove icons from your homescreen by long pressing on them and dragging them to the "trash" - usually mid top and wait for both to turn red...good luck!
Welcome linuxrocks, enjoy. Loved my droid X, still have it as a backup to a backup.

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