Greetings!!! ? about NE2


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Nov 14, 2009
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Charleston, IL
Very glad that I discovered this forum. I'm a member of android central and phandroid but have been very pleased with this forum and now use it for all my droid info.

I don't own the droid yet, *sigh* but i will be getting it in December when my NE2 kicks in. I've searched the forum and been unable to come up with a sure answer on this question:

Does Best Buy honor the NE2 discount?

Thanks so much for this great forum and I hope to make a number of good connections here with my fellow droid fanatics.
I called BB to see if they honored the NE2, and was assured they did. But when I showed up, the manager said no way. I had to get fairly angry before he relented and said he'd match the NE2. So if you do call, ask for the mobile manager to check if they honor it or not. I would have ordered online otherwise which also gives instant rebate.