Does NE2 revert when I return within 30 days?


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Mar 5, 2010
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I'm looking into buying a Droid this sunday when my NE2 discount comes into play. Basically this is my question:
Will my NE2 discount come back if I were to return the Droid within 30 days?

ie. Right now, with the NE2 (I get a $100 discount), a Droid would cost me $99 plus tax and other fees when I renew my contract. If I were to return and buy a new phone (that also costs $199 with contract, w/o NE2) within a month, would it also be $99 plus tax, etc.?

What happens to my renewed contract then? Does it just cancel and it reverts back to how I was before I bought the Droid? (as if I had never bought the droid or renewed my contract, etc.)
Then my return gives me $99?

If I want to exchange the Droid for another phonewithin 30 days, I simply pay 2 year contract price for the new phone? Or full retail?
You pay for the 2 year contract if you exchange your phone within 30 days. You have to pay the $35 restocking fee and then pay the difference b/w the 2 phones. I originally got the eris, paid $99 for it. After 3 weeks I returned it for the droid, paid the 35 bucks restocking fee and another $100 for the difference in price b/w the 2 phones.

Hope that helps.