Gps tracking icon constantly on. Killing my battery


Jul 13, 2011
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My gps icon came up one day and started flashing like it does when google or Facebook is tracking your location and it never turned off. I tried disabling it in the settings but it won't turn off. I tried restarting and it's still on. I have the eclipse rom. Has anyone else had this problem? It's killing my battery I can't turn the thing off can anyone help?

Edit: after restarting it again I got it to were turning it off would fix it but it won't automatically quit "tracking" like it used to do and I have to manually turn it on and off if I'm using an app that requires knowing my location. Like weather. Why did it mess up like this all of a sudden?

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I'm stock so I can't comment on the ROM but I use a two prong approach for this in general. I leave the Google Locator service turned on, it requires very little power and usually provides a reasonable course location for most apps. For finer location like navigation or mapping I use the power widget on my home screen and just flip GPS on when required then flip it off when finished.