3G Issues??


Jun 2, 2011
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I use my phone a lot for the internet and i constantly find the 3G data indicator on my notification bar will constantly get stuck on the down arrow and will refuse to use the internet no matter what I try, anyone else having this problem??!
Ive already tried rebooting, pulling battery, turning on off wifi, turning on off airplane mode, turning on off data from data manager what else is there??

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I've been having this issue since day one. Also it will like try to reboot itself and either shut off or go back two pages or more where I was before, also freezes, changes brightness on its own it will shut the camera off right when I go to take a picture missed alot of great pictures due to this. The store (corporate store for Verizion says they have to see this happen in order to replace it) of course it doesnt happen when Im in the store!
So there is a few ways around this.. and on of them is by using the airplane mode when your 3g gets stuck. Press and hold the top button and then you should see airplane mode.. once it engages then hit it again and turn airplane mode off.. another thing is ... are either of you guys running advanced task killer? That program is great. When used to kill programs that refuse to close and have to f/c to close... advanced task killer especially when set to kill everything every 15 minutes can lead to some horrible performance issues on even our fast phones we have now.

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I don't use any task killer and airplane on/off does not fix it nor does data on/off

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When I found 3G missing I found the following corrected the problem:
>Battery & data manager
>Data delivery
>[select] Data enabled

Hope this helps!:)
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