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Aug 21, 2011
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I just won/received a Droid 2 Incredible as a prize from work. I will not be using this phone for some time due to my current contract with another carrier. In the mean time what can I use the phone for? I love the fact it has Maps but do I need data or wifi for this feature to function? In the Location settings there is an option for StandAlone GPS. Will the maps and navigation work without service? Thanks and I plan on asking tons more questions along the way.
If you have another carrier with sim cards you can unlock this phone and use it with any carrier..
I wish it did, but the phone does not and I don't want to pay for the data at this point. Thanks for the quick reply!
Well then basically you could use it as a iPod or somethin like that. Maybe play games or things you can load into a mem card. Camera,camcorder also.