got a virus on my droid...

jus thought i would share that i just got a virus on my moto droid, after researching i found out this virus will collect data, call logs, texts, pics, sounds around the phone picked up thru the mic, and phone location, and upload them to a remote server every 20 sec.

i noticed my phone running super slow and lots of FCs on apps like facebook and stuff, got a new sd card and went to transfer my stuff, there was a bunch of files (alot of them in my DCIM folder) that couldnt transfer because "the file name was too long or invalid" there was a bunch of files in my sd card that the file name was a bunch of random symbols, then windows said it couldnt delete the files because they were "system files" and windows or other programs may not function without them, so i clicked it, and then it said it couldnt delete them because of the file name again, then said it couldnt delete them cuz they were no longer stored there, but they were still there, if anybody wants more info i can tell u what apps i had and more info about phone

i have a moto droid 1 rooted running CM7, i tried changing roms cuz i thought cm7 may be buggy but problems still persisted...
Well i had the same problem as you are having tried many antiviruses but none help when i was about to delete every thing from phone i found Appriva cloud anti virus i said why not give it a last tried so i downloaded it form and it automatically scanned and clean my phone and now its working fine