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Dec 2, 2009
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South Carolina
Let my girlfriend use my droid1 as her phone bc her blackberry messed up. She dropped it and now the screen doesn't light up. It still works (recieves texts, calls) but the screen is blank. (figures she would mess it up in 2 days after i dropped it a thousand times since nov 09) What should i do? She doesn't have insurance (i do) and she needs her phone for work and is gonna switch it to another phone tonight. I need to switch my account back to my D1 without the screen? and then let verizon exchange it or file an insurance claim?

Also its rooted and running ultimate droid. Will that be a problem if i turn it in?

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No, that's insurance fraud. You need to purchase another phone.
Even if its really my phone?? I'm not trying to screw anyone, i just need my broke phone to work!
I actually recommend that you do that. They will never be able to prove insurance fraud. Nor will they even ask. I have done this. Saves you a butt load of $. And in the future, I suggest an otter box. You can get one off eBay for cheap.
Good luck

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To the OP, insurance is on a particular phone, not line. So, if you change phones, insurance may be removed completely.
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It's people such as yourself is the reason insurance is so expensive.

To the OP, insurance is on a particular phone, not line. So, if you change phones, insurance may be removed completely.[/q
[Mod edit.] It is not fraud. Insurance is on whatever phone the insurance provider thinks you have. [Mod edit]
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You both need to calm down. Respect is rule no. 1 on the forum, and neither one of you are following it. If it doesn't stop, infractions will be issued and Holiday break will come early.

As for the issue, I believe the insurance follows the phone. It broke, and that's what insurance is for. There may be something in your insurance contract about requiring the phone to be active on your line, so I would double check that.

The fact that its rooted would be relevant if you were making a warranty claim against VZW, but that's not what you're doing.
thanks husker. Like i said i'm not trying to screw VZW over but i do need my phone fixed. I'm gonna try a nandroid backup but i'm pretty sure its a hardware issue.
@scdroid: when my phone got wet I dried it out & my screen was dead as well. I sbf-ed back to 2.0.1 & then sent it back. Everything worked out except my refurb was a little wonky so I had to send it back as well.

@huskerkate: I'm confused; if what doesn't stop?. I'll PM you.
I forgot how I did it, but there's a way to connect your phone to your PC and take a screenshot. You can still see your screen on the computer this way, just keep refreshing the image on the PC and it'll show you what image is on your phone.
I booted it up into recovery but can't see what i'm doing. guess i'll just send it in as is.