Google's Translate App Gets a Nice Upgrade; Can Now Translate Signs with Phone Camera


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Dec 30, 2010
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When you hear about stories like this it's hard not to assume that Google engineers where inspired by watching old Star Trek reruns. Their Google Translate app just got one step closer to fulfilling the future promise of a "universal translator." The app just got an update, and it can now use its camera to translate words you are looking at, like street signs or hand-written directions.

Of course, our astute members will no doubt point out that we have seen other apps do that, including stuff from Google. What is unique about this new feature is that it includes a convenient touch-guided interface that allows you to draw over the text you'd like converted into English. Additionally, this new update also adds improvements to voice translations. It includes new dialect preferences, and improved handwriting recognition for Japanese input. What will those clever Google engineers come up with next?

Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey!

Source: Google Play
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