Google Updates Translate, Voice, Authenticator and Five Other Android Apps


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Dec 30, 2010
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Over the last couple of days Google has been spamming out updates to some of their most popular apps. We now have maintenance updates for 8 different Google Apps including some of the big ones like Translate and Voice. Here's a breakdown of the apps and updates:
  • Google Translate - now version 2.5.3 = has new handwriting recognition for a number of new languages, including Afrikaans, Icelandic, Macedonian, Slovak, and Welsh. Can now translate from Chinese, Japanese or Korean by using your cameras’ text recognition ability. This only works for horizontal texts for now.
  • Google Voice - version = delayed SMS notifications fixed - fix for inbox syncing and duplicate notifications partially working.
  • Google Authenticator - version 2.35 = a bug fix in account setup flow and UI improvements that is visible.
  • Zagat = received a fix for a pretty uncommon bug that caused unexpected crashes.
  • YouTube for Google TV = includes support for ad skipping.
  • Google Catalogs - version 1.3.0 = “improved stability” and “improved resolution for Nexus 10”
  • My Tracks app = slightly altered map view and app widget
  • Google Apps Device Policy v4.13 = supports control of Lock Screen Widgets

Source: Google Play Store - Android Apps