Google Voice?

Aug 8, 2010
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> I hear good things bout google voice but I cant get it to work because the rep put the number wrong in my phone....I rebooted the phone, deleted the app and everything y wont it work?
i have no idea what you mean by put the wrong number in your phone. did you open google voice and run the set up?
Sounds like you don't have a Google Voice account. He set up your normal voicemail. Just dial 1 and you can access your voicemail.
you have to read the app description before you install it. you need to set up a google voice account, not just download the app.
Go out to (or and sign in with your phone's gmail account.

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it's not hard but it's not completely easy. search google for "google voice" to get started. open an account online and that should get you going. you might want to search for "how to set up google voice" if you're having trouble
I've had gv lock up on reading settings before, just hit the back button and you should be ok.