Google voice search vs Vlingo


Mar 15, 2010
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I was very happy with vlingo but switched to Google voice search after I updated to 2.2. So far vlingo has worked much better, granted I only started using Google's today. Opinions about the two apps, thanks.
vlingo is much more accurate IMO. but hey its what works best for u
Hardly use Google VS, but Vlingo never understand what I said...either my voice is too deep or my manhattan accent is interfering. Google VS has picked up everything I say
I use mainly Google and it's mostly worked for me. Vlingo is good, but it takes up more room (1 icon vs 4 icons).
@aaf709 Vlingo has a 1x1 icon now, might be a new thing, but I have it on my desktop.

I live in NW Ohio. We have NO accent here. When radio/TV stars are trained 'how to speak' they're trained to sound like us b/c of the apparent lack of accent. This said, google voice has been absolute sh*t in the way of working for me. I literally don't even TRY to use it anymore b/c it's such a POS and am waiting for 2.2 and hoping for the best. This being said, I installed Vlingo a week or so ago, and not only is it more accurate, but it also puts appropriate (usually) punctuation when needed. For example, I've voice spoken a number of texts and it has placed not only "?"'s, but also "!"'s when needed / appropriately. I, for one, am supremely impressed with this piece of software!

On a pet peeve note, when speaking to Vlingo it does not detect/disable playing music/sounds. This makes for a bunch of fun w/ trying to get it to hear you. I haven't played with it while playing music, just hit it a few times, immediately cancelled before it gave results, and started over again.

Finally, it's less laggy from what I've seen.