Google Voice - questions/Google thinks my number is still with Sprint


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Feb 1, 2012
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I'm new to Android and am pretty interested in trying to use Google Voice for certain features (voicemail and for calling friends who live abroad). When i was with Sprint i ported over my current phone number to Google Voice (Sprint introduced total Google Voice integration this past summer) but then I cancelled that because certain international calls weren't working with that.

Now i'm using that same phone number with my new Verizon account (Razr Maxx). I've tried to sign up to use the "lite" version of Google Voice to just use the Google Voice voicemail, but I get an error message - and clicking around, it seems that Google Voice still thinks my phone number is with Sprint - is there a way to fix that?

Also - it tells me I can port my current number over fully to Google Voice - but then that would cancel my service with Verizon? I don't want to get a cancellation fee from Verizon of course. So how would that work? Would i need to get a different number from Verizon for my Verizon account? How would i go about doing that?

Thanks for any help!