Google sky problems


Dec 19, 2011
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Has anyone else had any problems using google sky map or any other star maps. I used this app a ton with my OG Droid, never had a problem. For some reason its all screwed up on the Razr, it doesn't track across the sky at all. Just curious if anyone else came across this. Thanks

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I am not 100% sure but I think they stopped support for Google sky before the razr came out

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I had issues with it as well. I found out it works fine if you keep it in portrait mode. When you turn it sideways out acts up.

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Shame, really. It's a cool app, and educational.

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Yeah I loved it.

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This is a known problem for quite a few Razr owners. My first Razr had trouble with not only Google Sky but Maps and any compass app I tried to use. There have been a number of threads here dealing with it and it's also a topic on Motorola's support site and Google's mobile support. I believe it's a conflict between Google's product not playing well with certain versions of Gingerbread. I ended up taking my first one back for a replacement and the new one works fine.
Hopefully ICS will eventually resolve the problem.
Seems that's the case. I downloaded skyeye, and i'm getting a warning popping up saying irregular magnetic field. Hope this gets cleared up

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