Google Now "On Tap" Makes Its Way To The Marshmallow Developer Preview 3


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Oct 6, 2011
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Google Now On Tap is the awesome new Android feature that was demoed way back at Google IO that we have still yet to see on our devices. It has finally made its way over to the Android 6.0 Developer Preview 3. This means that if you own a Nexus device with the preview build you can install the newest version of the Google app and begin to use On Tap.

On Tap is an extension of Google Now which brings you more information about the people, places, movies, and more that happen to be on your screen. On Tap is useful for the times when you need a bit of extra information, but don't want to leave what you are doing. Long press the home button and Google Now will display some extra info about subjects it spots on your screen. To use this now grab the latest apk from the link below.

Download link