Google Now On Tap Becoming More Useful With Update


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Oct 6, 2011
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When Google's Now On Tap was announced this seemed like a pretty great feature. The ability to find out more information about the subject you happen to be currently looking at by simply long holding the home button seemed to be a pretty great new feature. At first I used it quite a bit and found it useful, but after a while it became more of a novelty. There just wasn't much that Now On Tap could do.

Google is looking to change that with its new update. There is currently an update rolling out that that brings some new features. The update brings two new card streams including location based and task based streams. The cards will launch search results and give you options to do things like set reminders from within Now On Tap. So far I have not seen the update, but it seems promising to say the least.

via AndroidPolice
I preferred it when the Google app would launch when holding the home button so I can quickly see my cards