google maps streetview won't load. help!


Jul 24, 2010
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Does anyone know why in google maps when you try to open streetview it wont load? Its frustrating because this is a pretty cool feature to mess around with. Anyone else have this problem?
Do you mean satellite? Are you using the Google Maps app or going to the maps website and trying it there?
Im talkin about the google maps application itself. I know how to navigate to streetview but it seemed to force close any time i tried to open it. However when I had a problem with not being able to connect to the market, i used titanium backup to wipe the data clean for the market app, and that made it work. So i just tried the same thing with streetview on titanium and it seemed to do the trick. Its strange there is a seperate streetview file from the maps app but they are together. Glad i got it though. That was a pain. Gotta love root!