Google Lists All of the Android Pay Promos


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

It looks like Google is doing their best to make it even easier to use Android Pay effectively and take advantage of any discounts available on the service. They created a new promo page for Android Pay that lists out the current deals which can be found when you use it.

Some apps will automatically apply the discounts when you choose the mobile wallet service at checkout, while others require you to type in the ANDROIDPAY code. Here's a link to the landing page to check out the Android Pay current offers: Android Pay Promotions.
I'm still annoyed by the lack of support of banks on all the pay systems for Android. I have two accounts with my bank. A joint account and a personal account so I can buy gifts for my family without them knowing where it was bought at and more importantly...when. I'm kind of a last minute guy. Anywho, my personal account'd debit card was able to be added to Android Pay however my joint account debit card won't add. Says my bank isn't supported. WTF!? One account is added. My only guess is that my joint debit card is new and has a chip in it while my personal account still has only a swipe card. Either way too the only place I frequent enough that I can use Android Pay is Subway and I often forget anyways.
All my cards have chips and they are on Android pay so that's not it.