Google is Beginning to Charge Credit Cards for Nexus 6P Preorders; Probably Shipping Soon


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

From multiple sources we have heard that folks are starting to be charged for their Nexus 6P pre-orders. That is highly suggestive that Google plans to ship the devices out soon.

So far, these reports are all in the US, which is probably unsurprising. We suspect that Nexus 6P smartphones should start showing up on doorsteps within a week or two, so be sure to watch out for yours.

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They charged mine a few weeks ago, really two or three days after the order. Will be interesting to see when I get a shipment notification.
Most people had a temporary hold placed on their cards when they ordered, but have since had that lifted.
Everyone should of had an authorization hold. Which goes away 3 to 5 business days.

I don't see any charges yet.
I used my bank account, was on hold for a day or two, but then they actually did the full withdraw awhile back. No big deal I guess, assuming one ships out eventually.
My 6P has been in "Pending" status since October 6. I'm being retarded and checking for a status update about every 6 hours. Lol
A bunch of people are reporting their 6P status has changed to shipped with FedEx tracking numbers.
Ya checked mine 3 times today. No change, No bank charge ... sheesh.
I'm starting to wonder if "Pending" is normal for 17 days.....