Google Contact Sync Problem - "Too Many Deletes"


Nov 7, 2009
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Ok so my contacts synced with Google initially and everything was good. Then I noticed that none of the contacts I add to my phone show up in G-Mail. So I went to my sync settings and made sure everything was turned on, which it is, but next to the contacts check box the sync icon is always there. And it shows my last sync time was about 6 hours after I purchased the phone.

So I went to a couple other forums looking for answers and tried a couple solutions:
1.) Making sure that all birth dates of contacts have a year entered. This apparently fixed the problem for some people, it did not work for me.
2.) Backing up all contacts to SD card importing them into G-Mail via a computer and deleting all contacts off of phone. This also did not work and created my current problem of "Too Many Deletes"

Now everytime I try to sync contacts a notification comes up that I have "Too Many Deletes" then I go in and say delete all, but then 2 minutes later it comes up again. Does anyone have this same problem or a solution?

I imported my contacts from the SD backup and turned off contact sync for the time being but I would still like this to start working like it should. Oh and as of right now a factory reset is out of the question, I don't want to have to re-setup everything. A factory reset apparently worked for some people but that is more of an inconvenience than transferring contacts back and forth if you ask me.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks