Good Z Force workout headphones?


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May 28, 2011
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Sooo I'm looking for some new, simple, 'cheaper the better but decent enough' headphones. Earbuds always fall out no matter how big or how I position them so need some kind of ear or head wrap around style. Any and all suggestions appreciated, thanks!!
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I use my jaybirds on long 5+ mile runs. No issues. Customer service is awesome.
If you can find the Motorola S305s on Amazon, I recommend those for running and weight lifting for a good over ear clip headphones for under $40.

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I use older Motorola S11-HD's, but I only use them casually and for yardwork. They sound really good and stay on well. They are older so you can probably track these down cheaper. I got them as a consolation for bad CS experience with Motorola but at the time they were $70.
Hey thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I ended up going with APIE Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones Sweatproof Running Gym Stereo Headsets Built-in Mic: Cell Phones & Accessories

I was hoping to keep it under $30, I did really like the ones Doc suggested but these were a little cheaper and apparently incredibly discounted, $17.99 down from $139.99. I really did jump between Doc's Taotronics and these for like 30 minutes. Ultimately these won over because they're a bit cheaper and I liked the more prominent earpieces, I have big inner ears so I like the longer ear hooks...and they're easier to find when flipping my hand through my gym bag looking for my headphones. Yes that really was a deciding factor :D

Thanks again everyone
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Those were a great find! I put them on my Amazon wish list for future references.I remember when these first were coming out and the big names had big prices.

Nice to see quality is available without outrageous costs.

The ones you found got outstanding reviews.You know if there is anything wrong, people are gonna take extra effort to complain.

Report back on your opinion. Good find
So far, I love them. Not only are they comfortable, the noise cancellation is probably the best I've ever experienced, especially for the price. Even with nothing actually playing I could hardly hear anything around me. Audio quality is definitely above average, and after playing with the equalizer on my phone a bit these easily sound better than my buddies $100+ Beats. I tested how comfortable they were last night, I wore them for almost 4 hours straight and my ears were hardly sore like they would be w/ normal ear buds after 20 minutes. It also comes with 3 sizes of ear buds, so I put on the largest one and yeah...easily top 3 best headphones I've ever had, and for only $18...

My only regret is I just checked again and now they have this black version for $20 that I really like! That wasn't there when I bought mine...oh well, maybe in the future, I still highly recommend these!
Powerbeats 2 or later.

I have tried many different headphones and beats are the only ones that are not falling out of my ears or getting in the way whether I run, lift, squat, bench, jump rope, or doing hiit. Are beats overrated, yup I'll be the first to say that. But when it comes to providing a pair of headsets for training I love them. I even tried the beats knock off trelabs and they didn't cut it. The trelabs I keep in my bag as a throwaway pair for when I'm stationary at the desk at work. But if I had to rely on them for working out I would get frustrated.

The last thing I want to have to worry about when getting my workout on are headphones falling out of my ears.

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Nice find OP. I've heard a few people say some of the cheaper no name brands on Amazon perform just as well as the $100+ options so it's good to know you don't have to break the bank.