Glad to be apart of the droid owners world



Well as far as phones go I started with virgin mobile pay as you go, then to sprint contract that i left before the 2 year contract was up because of no signal at my home. Then i went to Att pay as you go wich i liked but had a habit of washing my phones among the many was a samsung, a motorola razr v 3xxx and a BB curve 8320 was my last phone before the Droid .I was spending 25 to 50 dollars a week on my phone so My workplace switched me to their verizon plan, bought the droid i wanted and is paying for data plan also I have never had a better phone. I love messing around with computers and the droid is definetly a hands on phone. Looking forward to pickin your brains when i try and root this thing.


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Jun 11, 2010
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Root Root Root! if you like messing around with it now wait untill the beast is unleashed!