Getting another Droid....what do I need to back up??


Mar 25, 2010
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I have been having battery issues. My phone will not charge. Called *611 and they told me to take the phone to the VZW store. The guy in the store seems to think I have a problem with my charging port. He gave me another battery and told me that I could call *611 back and get another Droid. They didn't have one in stock or he would have given me one at the store.

Anyway I could possibly get an X out of this?

Anyone else had charging problems where the phone was REALLY slow to charge and when it did charge only got about 3 hours out of the battery? Today my phone was on charge for over 9 hours. Is was off charge for about 2 hours and was dead.
First, make sure you have your current Droid set up to sync with all your accounts, and to have "Auto-sync" and "Background data" are enabled. You'll want this running for a while to make sure everything is synced in the "cloud".

Basically, you need to back up anything that is stored locally on your phone. If you want to save text messages, or notes (I use NoteEverything), or any other odds & ends for settings. You'll want to take out your SD card, copy it elsewhere before you do a "factory wipe" / format SD card just before you return the Droid.

All of your apps should automatically load back onto your new Droid when you enter your GMail address and resync. The settings for those apps may get lost, tho.