Gear Manager Update Merges Stores


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Sep 5, 2010
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For those few of us that have a Galaxy Gear of some form or other it can be disconcerting to get an update notification in our pull down bar. Is is an update for our Gear app or Phone app? If I want to look for something Samsung specific do I look in the Galaxy app our Gear app?
Well they've sort of merged everything. Sort of but much better.

When you go to Apps on your Gear Manager you get a choice of phone or Gear now but once you choose it goes to what it always has been,a mess of an app store.
This same method is being utilized for new apps, updates, etc as you may notice in the screen shot.
This, to me at least, is a large leap forward for access to things Samsung specific and is a huge time saver.

Response times are also exponentially quicker as well for both stores, a godsend if you've ever tried to use the Gear Store.

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