GB 598 Deo to 602


Mar 17, 2011
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Bellevue, WA
I've been away from the phone scene for several months. The last thing I did was install 596 deo and for the most part it has been pretty smooth. I saw 602 out and am wondering what the easiest/best way to get to 602, with root, from 596 deo is?

Do I have to SBF back to 340, then install 602 deo? Is there one out there somewhere?

Or is there a 602 w/root that I can install right over my 596 deo?


EDIT: Sorry about the title ... I know it's 596 but I can't edit it.
After tons of reading, using the team black hat paid app to download the 2 part .602 rooted update to the phone. I then sbf'd to .340, reboot to exclamation point to wipe everything, root with z4root, install droid 2 bootstrap, boot into cw, install part 1 & 2 of .602 (one after another--no boot in between), reboot, reload your apps. To make sure you end up in the right place, check settings-->about phone to check what version you're now on.

I tried several other methods--this is the only one that worked for me. I redid this method a couple of times before I was "lag and force close" free. After almost a year with my DX, I find that each install can be quirky (shouldn't be so but that's my experience) so if it's not working right, start again. And again, if necessary.