GB 4.5.606 bloat

13th angel

Jan 16, 2011
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Auburn, Alabama
This is what I found safe to freeze without any problems...

AdService 1.0
Amazon Kindle
Amazon MP3 1.8.32
Apps 1.02.18
Backup Assistant 2.3.3
Backup Assistant Client 1.0
Blockbuster 0.9.99
Books 1.1.5
City ID 1.1.6
DLNA 0709.69
DlnaSystemService 1.0
Droid Eye 1.0 (live wall paper)
Facebook Authenticator 2.3.3 (might have to log back into facebook after freezing this)
Files 2.3.3 (Only freeze if you have another file manager such as Root Explorer)
Flickr Authenticator 2.3.3
Help Center 2.3.3
Home 2.3.3 (only if using a replacement launcher)
IPSec VPNs 1.0 (only if not using a VPN)
Kpi Logger Service 1.1
LastFM Authenticator 2.3.3
LinkedIn Authenticator 2.3.3
Manage SIM Card 2.3.3 (only on CDMA)
Maps 5.2.1 (if you dont use it)
Media Share 1.0.0
MediaSync 1.0.0
Music 2.3.3 (if you have the Music 3.0.1 client)
My Uploads 1.5.12
My Verizon Mobile 10.0.1
Myspace Authenticator 2.3.3
NFS Shift 1.1.83
Orkut Authentocator 2.3.3
Photobucket Authenticator 2.3.3
Picasa Authenticator 2.3.3
Pico TTS 1.0 (text to speech service)
Print to Retail 1.0
Quickoffica 3.3.172 - Motorola
SIM Toolokit 2.3.3 (only on CDMA)
Skype Mobile
Skyrock Authenticator 2.3.3
Social Messaging 2.3.3
Social Messaging Service 2.3.3
Social Networking 2.3.3
Social Sharing 2.3.3
Social Status 2.3.3
Street View
Swype 2.7-.75.22915 (only with another keyboard installed)
Sync Service 2.5.7
TTS Service 2.3.3
Twitter Authentication 2.3.3
V Cast Media Manager
Video Editor Lite
VPN Services 2.3.3 (again, only if not using a VPN)
VZW Navigator
Yahoo Contacts 2.3.3
Youtube 2.1.6
Youtube Authenticator 2.3.3

May break corporate email, have no way to test:
Email 2.3.3
Email Authenticator 2.3.3

Not sure what this is with but it didnt break anything for me. The only reference I could find that gas any reference to it is here and even there no one knows what it is....
Fake Blur Xmpp 2.3.3

edit: removed Yahoo Authenticator 2.3.3
Also freeze Data Collection. Its the tether tracker.

random rom'd X
freezing yahoo mail authenticator seems to have a detrimental effect on the contacts app, i would refrain from freezing it.
Freezing TTS service 2.3.3. causes navigation to force close after selecting a destination. Works fine after defrosting the TTS service.

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So if im running the pre rooted GB leak and I freeze the data collection I can use the built in wireless tether the big red won't know?

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No, they built their tethering sniffing process into the system, so they will know, trust me I tried.

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how's everyone's battery life after freezing this list of bloat?

so far dropping 1% in every 4 min, screen on with wifi active.

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too much math for me.
how many hours have you gone?

EDIT: so 15% every hour???
i used to get through the day with like 50-60 percent battery left, since GB only like 20. removed bloat yesterday so we'll see today how it does.
Question: froze the bloat suggested here but having issues with Gmail not updating... any suggestions on what should be un-frozen?
I froze basically everything on this list except for email stuff (because i use corporate email) and I could not open any contacts... defrosting it did nothing...

so after doing an SBF back to froyo .33 and then finding the leak of gb .607 (because motorola is awesome and took down the OTA update)... and also finding out that there was an edit to not freeze yahoo authenticator... everything seems fine... interesting.
I'm not sure if it's just GB or freezing these apps (because I found this shortly after getting GB) But before, even with the HeXen ROM, I would get up around 6am and unplug my phone... with a normal day of work (occasional texting, a couple calls, and some playing around with apps sometimes) it would die by 3pm. From what I understand, that's not terrible for normal usage. BUT, since I've got GB and froze all these apps, my battery lasts till 9pm usually, and I'm even using it more now and leaving auto updating on...