Gapps Central Consolidated Thread For Gapps!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Custom Rom users rejoice! There is nothing more annoying then when a rom developer posts their rom, and includes in the description that you will need to find and flash the gapps. If they are not included with the rom this step is absolutely crucial and can not be skipped, otherwise you would be without the Play Store. Finding the correct Gapps to go with the rom you just downloaded can be a daunting task. By now there has to be over 1,000 gapps packages floating around. Finding the correct version to go with your rom can be a bit confusing if the Gapps pack is not properly labeled.

If you have ever experienced this headache you will want to bookmark the link below. The Gapps Central thread is a consolidated list of all the gapps packages that you will ever need. The list is updated regularly with all the latest packages too. These packs come in different variations too from stripped down to full stock so there is something for everyone. Head to the link below and grab the gapps of your choice.

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