New Gapps For Android 4.3!


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Oct 6, 2011
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It has been a minute since the Google Apps package more commonly referred to as Gapps has been updated. The last update was back in march! With a new version of Android making its way to a number of devices, and being developed by Rom devs it was only a matter of time before the Google Apps package would be updated. It of course includes the latest version of the Play Store and all essential Google apps which can't be built into AOSP Roms due to licensing rules. There are several places to grab the new gapps. There are even modified versions already beginning to pop up! A short list of links and mirrors is provided below!

Gapps Via Goomanager (slow)
Gapps Via AndroidFileHost (medium)
Gapps Via Mirror 4.2 (fast)
Gapps Via Mirror 4.3 (fast)

Some moddified Gapps
But if you already have Android 4.3 installed on your device, then you don't need these, right?