Gameloft Announces 17 3D Enabled Games & a New Sale on 6 Games for a Buck Each


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Dec 30, 2010
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[video=youtube;wHqy757lNj4]]YouTube - ‪Gameloft - 3D mobile gaming on LG Optimus 3D!‬‏[/video]

Near the end of last week, Gameloft shared that they would be enabling 3D in 17 of their games, in preparation for the launch of the LG Optimus 3D. We may not be able to get this phone yet, but it looks like that when we do, the gamer in us will already have a host of games to satisfy our 3D curiosity. In fact, Gameloft indicated that they are including several titles with the Optimus 3D for free, including Asphalt 6, N.O.V.A and Let's Golf 2!

On a separate note, Gameloft also just today announced that they are having a sale on 6 of their HD titles for only $.99 cents! Some of them include, N.O.V.A. 2, Dungeon Hunter 2, and Asphalt 6. The video above, is meant to show off the 3D "eye-candy" of some of their games on the Optimus 3D, but the best "eye-candy" is the girl playing with the phone! ;)

Source: via DroidGamers and Droid-Life
Leave it to Gameloft to get the ball rolling.

Wish they would log the games I buy instead of making me email support when ever I need to move my games to a new phone.

but damn do they make kick @$$ games.
I'm not to much of a gamer on my phone. I'd like to tinker with it to see how it looks tho . . . dancedroid
WoW! Thanks dgstorm! I downloaded five game primer files for $5 last night! You need to go to the droid-life 'buy' link at the bottom of that article from your phone. Make sure your browser setting is on Android, it didn't work on desktop setting. For my Droid X it offered Asphalt 6 (racing), NOVA 2 (Halo), Dungeon Hunter 2 (Diablo 2), Sacred Odyssey (Dungeon Siege 2), Starfront (Starcraft), and Shrek Kart (Mario Kart).

Make the purchase. Start the primer file download, then go back to the droid-loft article and click the 'buy' link again to go get the next game.

I had bad parsing on a file, went to gameloft home and at the bottom is a link for 'my downloads' and re-downloaded it.

I tested each primer file, and each promted to start downloading the full game files, so they work! - I skipped the Shrek Kart, not my type of game.

Link > BUY