[Game] Phase Out! - rummy-type card game


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Dec 9, 2011
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Los Angeles
Our small development team has just released our second app, Phase Out!, a rummy-based card game. The game is based on a variant of contract rummy and features the fun-filled gameplay popularized by other commercial rummy adaptations like Phase 10.

As for myself, this game was a bit of a personal project as I remember when I first got an Android phone, Phase 10 was one of the first apps I looked for, only to be disappointed by its absence. Over a year later, I was shocked to see there was still no app, either official or unofficial. So we decided to take things upon ourselves and try to fill that void with Phase Out! So if you’re in the same boat and have been waiting for a Phase 10-esque app, give Phase Out a try!

The game’s current features:

-Go head to head with up to 3 other players
-Challenge the computer, or pass and play with your friends on one device
-Choose from two preset game modes, or tweak the rules to create your own unique experience
-Save your favorite game modes and easily replay them whenever you want
-Need to take a break during a game? Just save your game and pick up right where you left off later!

We would also love to integrate online multiplayer at some point if support is strong enough!

Thanks for looking, enjoy the game, and don't hesitate to give us your feedback!


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