Google Play Games is Now Available!!!


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Nov 7, 2012
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It's been over two months since Google announced the Google Play Games and now it is finally available to download !

The Google Play Games is like a hub that lists the games installed on your Android device and recommended titles from our friends, if we are also interested in a game we can purchase them directly from Play Games also. Once in a game we can see also all the trophies and see the ranking of our friends. The application also provides our friends in Google+, allowing you to easily invite them to play a game, or to check out the latest games with which they played.
The Google Play Games on Play Store is available free of charge, here's the box for download:

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Google Play Games app is the easiest way for you to discover new games, track achievements and scores, and play with friends around the world. It brings all your gaming on Google Play together in a unified Android experience.


- Discover great games
- Play with your friends, and see what they're playing
- Join multiplayer games
- Track your achievements
- Compare scores with other players