MATH DUEL - 2 Player Games: Math Game


May 22, 2012
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MATH DUEL - 2 Player Games: Math Game V 1.0

2 Player Games: Math Game is one of those fun games and educational games for two players. This is the best game for kids and cool game for adults! Download new app for Android now!

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+ Split screen interface makes this brain game a 2-player reaction game better known as a math duel game
– Basic math workout means this is a math game for kids age 5 and above
x This math game for kids improves math skills, reflexes and concentration
÷ Educational game for teens that is at the same time a fun game

Do math exercises in a race against your friends! This is a game for girls and a game for boys, or to be more precise – this is the best game for the whole world. The screen is split in two thus very convenient for the duel games. This is a reaction game and a concentration game that stirs your brain in a positive way. Multiplayer games are in right now, and this is the best game to play with friends.