[First Ever Multi-player Puzzle for Android] FindLii: Find the Icon


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Jul 13, 2013
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Time to Gauge your Reflexes and your Speed!!


FindLii is a one of its kind Puzzle game that will keep you engrossed for hours of non-stop gaming. With its Multiplayer mode enabling players to play head-head, it is quickly becoming a must-to have Puzzle game for Android gaming enthusiasts.

Download Links:

Google Play Link: FindLii v1.0


** How to Play FindLii **

FindLii is an exciting puzzle game that features some very innovative gameplay features. Here is how you can Play the Game:

• Launch the game on your device
• Main Game screen will show ‘1 Player’ & ‘2 Player’ options
• The game features 2 modes – ‘Deck’ & ‘Countdown’
• Gameplay screen divides the screen in 2 parts
• Tapping on the DUPLICATE icon on your screen will increase the Players score

** Findlii GamePLay Modes **

Findlii has 2 Unique Gameplay modes that give users an added dimension of multiplayer gaming.

1-Player Mode

In 1-players mode, Players can either play against time or they have to find certain number of icons in a Deck. Players can share their personal record in 1-player mode to compete with other Players online.

2-Player Mode

In Multiplayer mode, the game becomes more interesting and addictive. The screen is split into 2 parts and the players competing sit opposite to each other. Each Player has to find the DUPLICATE icon before the opponent. The player score more stands as WINNER.

IF you ever have played Spot it or Find the Difference games before, then you will absolutely fall in love with this exciting and amazing Puzzle game.