Frodo: physics-based adventure puzzle about the hedgehog


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Apr 14, 2012
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Hi everybody. There's a new game for Android called Frodo and suggest it for your review.

Who is Frodo? And how you will be playing this game?

Frodo is a charming little hedgehog who got lost and cannot find the way home. The goal of the player is to help the hedgehog and break the obstacles around him in such a way so that it makes Frodo roll to his cottage. Each level is timed. So the quicker you find the solution to the puzzle, the more points you score. There are 40 tricky levels to go, each offering a unique layout of obstacles and multiple ways to solve the puzzle.

Here’s a sample how to solve a puzzle: break the box, the hedgehog starts rolling and gets into the cannon, shoot him at the big red button on the wall that gets pressed and lifts the stone wall up, the hedgehog rolls down and into his cottage. The game play resembles a pinball game and is sure to please the whole family.

Key Features:

*Over 40 brain-teasing levels to play through, each with its unique set of obstacles
*Cartoon-like graphics and nice sound effects
*Perfect physics-based puzzle gameplay for all ages
*Updates add new levels




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