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Baby games -shape sorter Pro game
Kids puzzles for kids and toddlers is an educational and entertaining game Shape sorter Pro game is based on the famous games for kids and toddlers, such as sorter and classic puzzles .
Shape Sorter Pro Game for Kids is an educational and entertaining game.
It's a good, fun and colorful game for kids! Play with toys, puzzles !
Many different puzzles and different animals to take your child.
Easy to play and learn :
- Touch the screen and drag the shape to the desired location
- When the puzzle is assembled , click on the arrow to go to the next level
This educational game will help your child to improve skills in problem solving , logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory, and most importantly develop fine motor skills of hands. Your child will get into the world of fairy tales and adventures.
- High-quality games - puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers aged 0 to 7 with a very colorful cast of Shapes!
- Entertainment for children
- More than 20 levels and 80 Shapes
- Np adds
- Playing with sound effects and stunning images
- A simple game for kids and children with increasing difficulty
- Toddlers will develop fine motor skills by dragging the pieces of the puzzle
- Ability to play with your child or play alone
- Cheerful and colorful fairy-tale world !

IT is a real game for babies- If you are looking for an effective way to teach your children quiet and at the same time fun and exciting , try out a new puzzle game for Android. Simple, interesting assignments and beautiful graphics make this game ideal for young children, as this educational game will keep their attention for a long time .
Game Sorter Pro - a new paid app without ads, with various images of puzzles that must be solved. Just download the game and collect puzzle.
All children are sure to enjoy these lovely solution and fabulous puzzles.
- Interesting game Sorter Pro can be very useful for kids and can help to develop their skills of observation, concentration , logic, attention. Besides being so much fun , this exciting game can be seen as an educational game or puzzle .
Colorful jigsaw puzzle - this application can be a good pastime for a child and a great opportunity for parents to spend some time doing their own thing . Finally, it is funny and intelligent games for kids . Whether it is for boys, girls or adults , one thing is for sure - all will enjoy playing with pictures.
- Work with the games puzzles gives us a lot of useful advantages. First of all, they are our concentration increases , expands our creativity.
- Shape Sorter pro help us to maintain information about the shapes and colors to choose pieces that fit together properly. When solving puzzles , brain works in both hemispheres , resulting in communication between brain cells improves. These are just some of the reasons why children and adults should continue to play mind games , such as Sorter Pro
Pleasant to learn and play with colorful children's puzzles !
Kids puzzles for children and parents