Gallery keeps restarting? I might have the answer!


Dec 28, 2009
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After a couple of hours, troubleshooting and trying different ways, I have narrowed it down to a few answers.

This is for those Droid X owners that when they try to see their gallery, when they get to the bottom of the page, the gallery just goes "Up one folder".

I've taken everything off my card, and reformatted it. Then slowly put things back on it, each time trying the gallery. I decided to do the pictures last.

After adding some pictures, and videos, the gallery seem to work fine. Added 100 photos, works fine. 200, still good. 300, no problem. 400, oops it went back.

So it was either there was a faulty photo in the last 100 that I added, or theres a max thumbnail/ or max collective images size, when you look at your gallery.

Long story short, mine had no problems at 392 photos, and went back when I had 393 photos. It didn't matter what the photo was because I tried different ones for the 393.

Lastly, it might not be the number of photos but the collective size of all of them being shown as thumbnails all as one, so thats why I need you guys to try it out. Let me know what happens, and finally figure out what the limitations is to our Droid Xs.
I just started having the same problem today. I have not added any pictures at all. It is only happening with the camera roll folder. I can scroll thru all the pictures in landscape mode but when the DX is upright and I scroll thru the pics the DX goes back to my homepage. I also think there are some network problems going on as I keep getting a "can't connect to voicemail server" (visual VM). I am also reading that there are market download issues going on. I wouldn't think my folder has anything to do with server issues but with Andriod, who knows, I don't! Just some food for thought on this problem. All my other gallery folders are working fine and I have about 1400 pictures on my SD card and in the gallery.
i get this problem a lot and have been since launch. In addition there are times when i take a pic and then want to view the pic by selecting it , it just goes to a black screen. The only way i have been able to work around either of these issues is reboot the phone. Then i am able to view the pic fine. is getting very old though. I'm hoping that 2.2 will fix this.
I am having this problem with only 135 photos in All photos in the gallery. only 64 items in my camera roll and it still happens when I open camera roll. Rebooting the phone is of no use and I still have the problem.
Do let me know if there is a solution to this irritating problem. I am counting on 2.2 to fix this issue.
Ok, I took a couple more pictures and now its less than what I had, but it is still now doing the same thing. I don't know anymore.
Yup, same here. It only used to happen to the camera roll, so I would select "all photos" instead and could navigate as usual. Then even that stopped working. I couldn't ever see pictures. But it's intermittent. The issue I hate is when you take a pic, then select the thumbnail on the camera window to view it and it takes you to the very first pic in the folder. Every time. I have to back out, then select the thumb again to get to the pic.