Galaxy S5 Conflicting Rumors: Iris Scanner/No Iris Scanner, 20MP Camera & Plastic


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Dec 30, 2010
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As is always the case with hype buildup for new products, the rumor-mill is going through its roller-coaster phase for the Samsung Galaxy S5. We actually found two sets of rumors to share with you this morning, and some of them effectively contradict each other or previous rumors. First, there is new intel that the camera coming in the SGS5 will be a 20MP monster. This new camera will supposedly include Samsung's ISOCELL technology, and optical image stabilization, since that seems to be the favored camera feature du jour. Additionally, it will supposedly be able to record 4K video and can take still shots while recording. This seems like "pie-in-the-sky" fanboy wishful thinking to us, so take it with a grain or three of salt.

The next bit of rumint includes two conflicting reports. One reports seems to confirm that the device will come with a "state of the art iris sensor and wide range of health accessories." Alternatively, a completely separate new report suggests the opposite. Supposedly, the iris scanner technology from both Samsung and LG have been shelved because they are not close enough in their maturation process to bring to market. Here are a couple of quotes related to this later bit of intel,

“Among the different types of biometric sensors that Samsung is testing for its Galaxy S5, the tech giant will go for fingerprint authentication rather than unintuitive user experience of iris recognition,” said the industry source who remained private. “Who would want to put their handset up close to their eyes for authentication in places like movie theaters and bed, or even while they are driving?”

“In order to enable iris recognition on a smartphone, an extra camera designed specifically for the identification technology should be installed, which will make the smartphone bigger since there will be three camera modules,” a market source explained. “And since iris recognition requires a long range camera, the smartphone, if fitted with the camera, needs a completely different design from previous models.”

This argument makes a great deal of sense, and most of us at HQ suspect the second iris scanner rumor is likely more accurate than the first. This denial of iris scanner technology comes with the news that both the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 will instead come with fingerprint scanner tech like what is found in the iPhone 5S.

Finally, we have one last bit of rumor-dance. We can no longer count how many times the rumor-mill has suggested the Galaxy S5 will and will not have plastic and/or metal, but here is another flip-flop. This current rumor suggests there will be no metallic case and that it will only come in plastic. It will still take a few months before any of this is confirmed or obliviated. In the mean-time, sound off which of these features you would actually care to see in the next Samsung flagship.

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