Galaxy S5 Battery Cover Replacement


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the best features of the Galaxy S5 is the waterproofness. The device is water resistant thanks to a rubber gasket on back cover and also a battery charge port cover. The silly thing is that the battery port cover is super flimsy. My wife was lucky enough that her battery port cover actually lasted about a year before it finally fell off. If this happens to your device you may feel pretty well bummed since this means the device is no longer water resistant. However you can actually buy a replacement cover for only $1.99. It even comes with free shipping and the replacement tool.

Just pull off the back cover. There is a small screw holding it in underneath a cover. Remove the cover and remove the screw, remove what is left of the old door, insert the new door, replace the screw, replace the screw cover and you are finished. It is a cheap and easy process and it is well worth your time to restore the water resistance of your device.

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